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If you search for holidays or a professional summer camp for your children, you have found the right address!
The Chat Botté is born in 1947, in the Dissman family. He quickly learns the ropes and builds a reputation of excellence, built on a warm welcome, delicious cuisine and secure environment. Generations of Dissman and the encouragements of staff and holidaymakers look upon him with a big grin on their faces.

The first aim of our friend the Chat Botté is to welcome children, parents and guides in his friendly property, and to share with them a thousand and one activities in a warm and family atmosphere.

Part of the team lives in the Chat Botté's property, 24/7, to ensure the safety of their young tenants, and to accompany them throughout the day, from the moment they get up until the sandman comes.

To allow toddlers and adults to benefit from the good iodine sea air all year round, the Chat Botté decided never to leave the key under a plant pot by the door.

Available space

Our happy holidaymakers are not lost for space. They have access (amongst others) to 2 hectares of closed woodland, which was specifically accommodated for children, games areas, a tennis court and sport grounds, without forgetting the all-essential football ground and the summer pool. Offspring benefit from an access to a closely guarded private beach, and to a nautical centre.

You will find the Chat Botté across from the dunes and the beach, two kilometres away from Le Coq's town centre, and 600 meters from Bredene. Access to the beach is done through an underground tunnel.

Our activities

Our range of activities is wide and varied: starting from seaside with the school, holiday camps, up to housing adults and big children!!

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Chat Botté

Driftweg 195
B-8420 De Haan

Tel.: +32 (0)59/23.32.07